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Doooooodles by Koreto-chan Doooooodles :iconkoreto-chan:Koreto-chan 3 4 Well This is Cheesy by Koreto-chan Well This is Cheesy :iconkoreto-chan:Koreto-chan 3 14
Why Did You Lie?
Okami's POV
So there's never really a good time to tell someone you're never going to see them again.
People always wait for "the right moment," as if waiting for a certain moment could make it any better at all. It's not like that one magical moment in time has some sort of ecstasy drug in the air that'll make them happy, no matter what kind of shit you say. It's going to be painful and just plain awful and no amazing-über happy moment is going to change that. You either tell them as soon as possible, because no time is better than the present, and you don't tell them at all.
In retrospect, I really should have done the first one…
Not telling Justin was possibly one of the worst moments in my life… the second I decided to just lie and say shit was going to be okay, I'll be home soon, was the moment when everything just went to Hell. I had fucking lied to him. To Justin, God, that should be the worst sin in the universe, because it was just so wrong on so many fucking lev
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Father's Day
Father's Day
"Ever wondered what your dad was like?"
Justin was startled into full consciousness by the seemingly random question from the boy beside him. He and Okami had been mostly quiet since they'd set up camp with the others, the two =Attached opting to take the first watch for the night. But it had been a long day of travelling on foot, civilization miles away, and Justin was tired. So tired, in fact, that he had almost broke pattern and fallen asleep. Okami's sudden question had tugged him almost violently out of his half-asleep stupor and left him confused and not entirely aware of his surroundings.
Frowning, but aware of the familiar presence at his side, he turned to Okami with a small pout at being awoken. It was odd to see Okami like this, expression thoughtful, yet showing no other emotion. Justin only felt curiosity through their link, but not much else. Still, it could only translate to a sort of morbid curiosity, considering Okami's past with his own father.
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When I Found Out You Were Gone...
Prompt: "When I found out you were gone..."
   Justin caught himself on the kitchen counter edge before he fell to the floor. His bare, right hand landed in the shards of the shattered glass he'd dropped moments before, but couldn't feel the pain of his skin being torn into over the more real pain of his heart crumbling into dust.
   Because that's what it felt like when Okami died.
   His heart ceased to exist, and through all the pain, all the agony, all the screaming that Justin was doing (needless screaming, he couldn't even hear himself, wasn't even aware that he was making any noise), Justin felt alone. Completely, totally, and utterly alone. He only barely saw Jaden fall to his knees in front of him, or Torn running from his side to get whoever they thought could help (like anyone ever could). He knew there were more people around, surrounding him, crowding him, but he didn't care. It didn't matter if they were there.
   Without Oka
:iconkoreto-chan:Koreto-chan 2 43
Mature content
Just Another Night :iconkoreto-chan:Koreto-chan 3 74
Be-LIE-ve by Koreto-chan Be-LIE-ve :iconkoreto-chan:Koreto-chan 3 86 For All the Bleeding Sans BG by Koreto-chan For All the Bleeding Sans BG :iconkoreto-chan:Koreto-chan 1 27 Aftermath by Koreto-chan Aftermath :iconkoreto-chan:Koreto-chan 5 40 Fabricate the Cosmos by Koreto-chan Fabricate the Cosmos :iconkoreto-chan:Koreto-chan 3 5
The sky was overcast, but not even with the promise of life-giving rain. The grass was dead, the trees were bare, and the air was cold. The wind tossed crisp blades of grass that hadn't been able to hold onto the dry ground in the air, uncaring of where it was dropped.
The graves stood, rigid and orderly, row after row stretching ahead and behind and to the sides. The stones were like the corpses buried at their feet, frozen, save the decay of time. The flesh would wilt away just as stone would erode, the headstones becoming like the bodies they marked- worn away and indistinguishable.
The boy stood in front of the grave, lost to these thoughts, but assured on what he would never let be.
He wouldn't let that happen to him.
"Fix it."
Justin didn't dare tear his eyes from the grave, silently praying that suddenly he would hear clawing beneath the ground and the slightest shift in the freshly dug dirt, showing that he wasn't actually dead. That they'd made a mistake.
When the other didn't
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For All the Bleeding... by Koreto-chan For All the Bleeding... :iconkoreto-chan:Koreto-chan 6 61 Graveyard Scene by Koreto-chan Graveyard Scene :iconkoreto-chan:Koreto-chan 4 11 Squabbling by Koreto-chan Squabbling :iconkoreto-chan:Koreto-chan 3 5 Halloween Madness by Koreto-chan Halloween Madness :iconkoreto-chan:Koreto-chan 4 6 Wise Words by Koreto-chan Wise Words :iconkoreto-chan:Koreto-chan 7 19

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United States
All right, so, not much to say, really.

If you look at my favorites, you'll see that I'm a total Supernatural junkie. Really, I am. Ask me anything about it and I'll give you recaps of episodes to back up my answer. It's almost sad. Almost. And I'm a Sam girl, all the way.

Other things I'm absolutely addicted to includes Devil May Cry (the third one is the best, by far, and the fifth one is a disgrace to the entire franchise but I'm going to play it anyways cause it's "still" DMC and yeah), Homestuck (Striders, all the way, Stridercest~), Lord of the Rings (beautiful series, the Hobbit was my bedtime story), Parapines (Norman is perfect, perfect, perfect, and Dipper is perfect for him), Slenderman (he's just gah), Avengers (words not needed), Adventure Time (Marshall Lee was the best idea they've ever had), Walking Dead (DARYL MOTHER TRUCKIN' DIXON), Merlin (BRadley Cooper, why is he so godly), Sherlock (John/Sherlock, it's totes def canon), Doctor Who (Ten and Donna, best partners ever), Teen Wolf (STEREK), Rise of the Guardians (That movie is everything I've ever wanted in life), and etc.

I'm writing a kinda morbid story, called AlIaS, which is WAY too long, but it's a good time killer so I probably won't stop anytime soon. Justin's the main character and he's an idiot so, hopefully, he doesn't strike anyone as a Gary-Stu XD;;

I don't post enough. Really, I don't. I need to practice realism, edit my colouring style, and broaden my horizons, but I still be a manga-ish artist for the most part. It's simple, quick, and fun, and I enjoy it. XD

I'm REALLY busy in school and take forever to reply, so sorry, but it's just so you know. AP classes, silly classes, and marching band, I'm a person who can't say no. XD;; Just don't try and take advantage of me. I'll secretly stew over my hatred for you. I'd never say it out loud, but it's there. Secretly.

OC Memes are too much fun. You'll see lots of those, but not many updates on my personal life. Just doesn't seem like the place to me. >u<;;

That's it! Thanks for checking out my page! :)


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